What you need to know about the features of VPS Servers

VPS is a term  that stands for virtual private server.   this therefore means that machine that is sold as a service by an internet hosting service or provider.

ivory pierce normally runs its own copy of an operating system  for example linux and windows operating systems.

the hosting provider will normally give you access to the super user level of that operating system.

you can then install any application and software on top of the installed operating system.


but what are the advantages of using a virtual private server over shared hosting?

1.Very stable.

because you are not sharing internet traffic and many other activities with other customers,  your operations remain stable while using a vps server.

  1.    High Performance.

have a common feature with virtual private server is that you will have your own allotment of resources.  these will enable you to enjoy faster load time compared to a situation where you are using shared hosting.


  1. You operate using your own dedicated resources.

with virtual private servers you will have your own allocated disk space, (RAM)random access memory  and cpu.


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